1. Ruth Dennison

    Thank you for your support, providing me with assistance whilst breastfeeding. I was in so much pain and ready to give up just a few weeks in. I wasn’t keen on going to a group and honestly too tired! From our 1st conversation you assured me that you could improve my experience and that you did.
    I now see the importance of making the baby latche on correctly. He is so much more satisfied when feeding and doesn’t feed for as long now.
    Thank you again xx

  2. Dee Thom

    I’m lazy. And un-coordinated, so I’d be the last person to join a dance class! However, being a ‘mature’ first time mother I thought it best to at least try to prepare my body for the impending birth…your Dancehall Doula classes were such a fun way to exercise! You tailored the classes for our comfort and always made sure we were feeling okay, ensuring that we never felt strained. I particularly enjoyed our after exercise chats, where you would give us advice and alleviate our concerns. It is because of this, that I asked you to be my doula.
    Ruth, as OUR (mum, dad & baby) doula you offered insight and gave advice which we/I found invaluable. There were so many things I hadn’t even considered that you advised and / or assisted us with. In this current (NHS) cost – cutting climate that we live in, I found (and still do) that the medical professionals; midwives (ante & post – natal) and doctors just do not have the time and / or resources to provide adequate care and services as desired. Which leads me to…
    The breastfeeding support: again, invaluable because as much as I wanted to nurse exclusively, my sore and bleeding nipples had me on the verge of feeling defeated. Ruth, your guidance and support set me on the right path and even though I ordered silicone nipple covers, I am thankful that I never had to use them.
    I just cannot envision us going through this whole process without you. Thank God we didn’t have to!
    We cannot thank you enough! xx

  3. Simone Bryan

    Dear Ruth,
    Thank you for reassuring me and encouraging me when I was struggling with breast feeding. Your support and guidance enabled me to nourish my son and enjoy the experience! You’re a star…Thank You! Xx

  4. Juma Hoque

    Having faced a phobia called Tokophobia all my life, I was extremely nervous to give birth. Ruth was that exact support I required, especially as I had no other family near by to join me during labour. Even though my actual birth didn’t go as planned, she was always there for suggestions adapting to changing situations and never enforcing her opinions on me. I don’t regret having Doula and would have her again with next birth, everything she always explained made complete sense. Having her at birth also relaxed my husband and gave him reassurance and support that he needed too. Ruth comes with a vast knowledge of many techniques, facts and general knowledge of many aspects of labour and birth, even including hospital norms and procedures and aftercare. She’s always at hand and ready to give information about everything relating to motherhood, her communication is always there and reliable. I would definitely recommend her to anyone, she is a gem indeed!

  5. Zainab

    I am really grateful for all the pregnancy support and advice received from Ruth. I will forever be grateful for the positive birth experience I had due to connecting with Ruth prior to child birth! Thank you

  6. Sandra rzepa

    Ruth, thank you so much for helping me have a wonderful memory of my second labour! You were a backbone of positivity throughout my pregnancy and i feel ever so grateful for your support!

    It’s so evident how passionate you are about your job and you’ve accumulated a fantastic variety of skills, both antenatally and postnatally that i was very happy to take advantage of! Breastfeeding advice sticks out to me, as even though it was my second child i still needed your help to get it right! And knowing that you were on the lookout for a repeat of my PND kept my mind at ease.

    My husband talks about how great it was to have a homebirth but more so about how having you there put him at ease and allowed him to step into his role without fear or pressure.

    Thank you again, you were the first to hold my baby, and are forever part of our family’s most intimate memory. I hope we still live here in 2 years time so you can help me with baby no 3 haha!

  7. Sindia Medina

    Dear Ruth,

    Thank you for your herbs. This past year I’ve been using the herbs my cramps aren’t as bad and my cycles are normal. Before using the herbs my cramps were horrible throughout the years to the point I had to leave work. My cycles were long and bad, and this is after having four epidurals. I was very skeptical about trying out the herbs and I am glad that I did. Thank you for your herbs. May God continue on richly blessing you and show you favor.

  8. Tamiko Forrest & Corey Spells

    Ruth is caring, attentive, knowledgeable, and has the ability to make you feel comfortable from the moment she meets you. The nerves that my partner and I felt when preparing for our first baby were calmed as Ruth reassured us each step of the way. She is open and direct which helped me feel confident when creating my birth preferences, and she never pushed ideas or suggestions of her own. Ruth always included my partner in conversations because she believes the journey is for both of us, not just the mum.

    During my delivery, Ruth held the space for us at the birth centre. She protected our needs and spoke up during my labour to care for us when we were assigned a challenging midwife. Our baby had to be in the neo natal unit immediately after delivery, and Ruth stayed by my side when my partner went to be with our baby. This comfort was invaluable for me and I’ll never forget the small moment when Ruth held my hand. It was a gesture that meant the world to me.

    Furthermore, Ruth is full of resources once you are home with your baby and will respond at a moment’s notice. We highly recommend Ruth as a doula and are proud that she will forever be a part of our first birth story.

  9. Beatrice

    My session with Ruth has transformed my life for the better and I am so grateful to her and her treatment. I have noticed my confidence is great and
    I have really detached from negative emotions, so much so that people around me have been commenting that I seem so different and have blossomed and radiate amazing energy. Thank you so much Ruth I know it was really beneficial for me and you are a wonderful therapist with a kind soul who knows
    I also had no symptoms before period and very little bleeding that I hardly knew it was coming.

  10. Andrei Tognolo

    Ruth was invaluable during pregnancy and labour. We are really grateful for the work she did.

    During pregnancy, she helped us preparing our birth plan, providing loads of info so that we could make the best decision for our situation.

    We had a beautiful home labour and Ruth was along with us during the whole process. She helped by doing massage, suggesting positions and keeping a calm atmosphere.

    Unfortunately, the midwife that was on call was not in the same vibration as the rest of us, which added some stress to the process. Luckily we had Ruth, who served as a bridge between us and the midwife and helped us to preserve the same calming vibration.

    I couldn’t recommend her enough. I literally can’t image going through this process without her. Thank you!

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