I never imagined my breast feeding journey lasting this long. I thought that when I was back to work after 12 months, that would be it, my breast-feeding days would be over, something I would miss but at the same time, I would appreciate my uninterrupted sleep and perhaps feel a bit more energetic through my day.

Well, I was wrong, about a few things. 20 months in, I am still breastfeeding, I can improve my energy levels by managing my diet well and going to bed a little earlier has helped too.

Breastfeeding for the most part, has been a great joy for me, and it has also taught me a lot about being still and present for that moment. It has also made me more self-aware, as I try to ensure that I am mentally, physically and spiritually balanced for my daughter to have a positive connection during breast feeding moments and in general.

When I went back to work after 12 months of being at home with my baby, I was somewhat ready to get back into the world, but reflecting on it now, I do miss out on moments that I cannot get back. Luckily, my daughter walked from quite early, so it was something I was able to see from the early stages until she became a veteran runner at 7 months!

The thought process of taking her of the breast was terrifying at that stage, knowing how much she loved it, I was feeling guilty about taking the breast milk away from her, so it was great when a friend suggested I give her milk in the morning and milk in the evening. At this point, she’d been eating solids for 6 months, so she would have other forms of nutrition throughout the day.

So that’s what I did and continue to do to this day! She has milk in the morning, milk when I got home, and plenty of milk on weekends as and when she would like. Learning to balance everything has been a journey and one that will evolve over time, but I have learnt you have to be the change you want to make! So, for instance, having lots of fluid and eating right, was a choice I had to make, to have enough energy to get through my day.

This attitude and thought process has allowed me to continue to work full-time and be promoted within 6 months of returning to work. I started two brands during my maternity, both of which are moving in the right direction, and I have been able to create experiences and moments with my daughter, from slumming it at home days, to zoo trips, aquarium trips and a family holiday.

Instead of crying as babies do at the beginning of the breastfeeding journey, I now get, “boobies, boobie mummy”, and though I dread my top being pulled in public and having interrupted dinners by this request from my pumpkin, I also love the fact that we can share that time and cultivate our bond.

I am not sure when my breastfeeding journey will stop, though I do feel it is coming soon, but despite the downsides I mentioned and the occasional sore nipples, thus far it has been great.

Blog written by Camille Simpson form Love Your Beauty.  Camille is one of the great guest speakers to speak at the Black Breastfeeding Week UK event which will be held on Friday 30th August 2019, learn more or book your ticket here.