I have put together an Infant feeding survey to look into the racial & cultural disparities of breastfeeding within the UK.
I am currently in the process of planning Black Breastfeeding Week 2019, which will take place on Friday 30th August 2019 (save the date).

In regards to breastfeeding over here in the UK there seems to be some confusion with the statics of black women breastfeeding as it is noted that black women have the highest breastfeeding rates of 1-3%. Many are questioning this, as there are many factors within the black community which causes black women to not exclusively breastfeed their babies until 6 months and beyond as recommended by UNICEF and WHO “this was also highlighted at the BBW event last year“.

Evidence have shown that black families suffer the highest infant mortality in the UK and it is strongly believed breastfeeding could help to significantly reduce the numbers.

-The link between breastfeeding and risk of disease and dying in infancy.-

Today I am asking for all you mothers, Black, Mixed race, Asian, Hispanic, White, all women of the world, who have given birth here in the UK, please take a moment to complete this short 10 question survey to help us learn what is really going on.

I also know it can be hard getting feedback from black families who tend to not get involved with surveys, especially when the race question is asked, sometime leaving this question blank as you want to avoid being judged for the colour of your skin or think that these surveys don’t go in your favour so why bother. Hear me out!, it is important for us to learn what may be the underlying issue with the breastfeeding disparities over here in the UK. “Only when we learn the cause of a problem, is when we can work towards making a change”. We all want change for the better, we all want to help our babies as much as we can, let this be a way for us to reduce infant mortality and embrace a healthier future.

Please complete this survey: Breastfeeding Survey* update 21/04/2019 – This survey has reached the limit number of responses, thank you for your support.*

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