Yoni Steam, vaginal steaming, v-steam, womb steaming, pum-pum steam, chai-yok, or bajo these are the different names for this impressive ancient remedy that has been used for centuries by women all over the world to support deep reproductive wellness.
I was lucky enough to learn about this amazing remedy to help women with healing and speed up recovery after birth. Yoni Steaming is not only beneficial for women after birth, it is a self-care practice all women can benefit from. Yoni Steam is an ancient remedy which our ancestors did, our parents grandparents did, and many still do today in Africa, Asia, Central America, Jamaica and other parts of the world.

Yoni steam has now become the new trend in the Western world including over here in the UK.
I know you may be sitting there reading this thinking yes, I’ve heard about Yoni Steaming, or thinking to yourself, what is Yoni Steaming and why is it recommended for women to steam their self-cleaning vaginas, because yes, your vagina is self cleaning but the question is…..is it self healing?

If you read up on herbs you can learn the history about their healing properties. Yoni steam herbs should be selected with herbs that have benefits and history on supporting women’s reproductive system.

Our bodies, including the reproductive system can hold many toxins, from environmental pollution, body care products, sanitary pads/tampons, lubricants, contraception, food, drinks/alcohol, tobacco and even from the chemicals we use to wash our clothes and underwear.  The toxins in our bodies can effect our reproductive system and Yoni Steaming is said to help remove these toxins from our bodies.  Mucous membranes in the vagina and vulva rapidly absorb chemicals without metabolizing them.  It is well known that the vaginal ecosystem is more sensitive and more absorbent than typical skin.

Yoni Steaming is you, squatting (squatting position is best to allow the steam to move around to your pelvic more effectively), over a steel or glass bowl containing boiled water infused with healing herbs allowing the steam to penetrate your vagina, your birth canal, your pelvic and womb.  Your body is wrapped foot to neck with a towel, robe or blanket, to avoid the steam from escaping, helping to keep your body warm and relaxed, the aromatherapy aroma from the oils released from the herbs can help aid mental healing, clear your mind, promote meditation and reflection on the reasons you have decided to Yoni Steam.

Yoni Steaming is a time for you to truly connect with your body, do something good to your body, mind and soul, because you deserve to take good care of you.

You would normally Yoni Steam for around 20-30mins or until the steam cools down 1-3 times per month.  After you Yoni Steam, it is a good idea to rest and let the herbs work their wonders on your body, which is why some recommend to steam late in the evening before bed, if having to continue with your day after your steam, it is a good idea to take things slow.  It is normal for you to feel very relaxed and sleepy after a Yoni Steam as some of the herbs used are know to help induce sleep, such as Lavender.

Yoni Bath

Yoni steam herbs can be infused into your bath water too, the healing molecules from the herbs are absorbed through your pores helping you to reap the benefits from the herbs.  It’s good to allow at least 20 minutes to soak in your herbal bath to help maximise the benefits.

How long do I need to steam to notice results: 

Many women have said to notice positive changes with their reproductive health from the first steam and/or bath, but please bear in mind, every women is different and depending on your reasons to Yoni Steam, can alter the length of time for you to notice any results.

Benefits of Yoni Steam:

There is a long list of the benefits of Yoni Steam and how it can help you with your reproductive system, you can learn more here.

I would just like to inform you that I have now launch a new Yoni Steam website page where you can find out the benefits of Yoni Steam, where to get your herbs, and different Yoni Steam treatment packages to help you take steps towards nurturing and healing your reproductive system, your mind, body and soul.

Check out 1-2-1 Doula’s Yoni Steam page here.


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